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Roof Ventilator Supply & Installation

The benefits of Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilators, roof vents, attic vents, or whirly birds as they're often called, are widely recognizable fixtures able to be installed on your roof surface, typically up high near to the ridge line, which extract hot and humid air from the roof cavity directly. The most immediate benefit of house roof ventilation is that the temperature of the roof cavity, and hence the house underneath it is reduced on hot days. This results in the rooms beneath being noticeably cooler and more comfortable due to the silent action of the extractor above. We offer supply and installation of roof ventilators on all common roofing surfaces, and would be more than happy to offer our professional recommendation regarding the model, quantity and roof vent installation points most suited to your roof.

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Much of the area serviced by Newcastle Roofing Professionals, in particular inland regions in the Upper Hunter Valley, the Central Coast and the Lake Macquarie region are prone to fierce summers and occasional heavy rainfall - in these regions a roof ventilator has the potential to make a vast difference to the comfort of your home by extracting trapped heat and moisture.

In the colder months condensation forming on the underside of the roof surface can amount to a serious problem, as it will run down beams, collect on gyprock sheets, permeate exposed materials and even lead to mold growth. A properly installed roof ventilator will do little to remove heat from your house in winter on account of it being held in by the roof insulation - instead it will extract moisture and vapour from your roof cavity, protecting the insulation and other materials in the roof cavity and keeping your home dry and comfortable inside.

The warm, dark and stuffy conditions inside of most attics and roof cavities make inviting daytime shelter to many domestic pests, such as mice, possums, birds, cockroaches, and many other insects. Proper roofing ventilation will help prevent the use of your roof space by pests, by lowering the temperature inside the roof, inhibiting the growth of mold, allowing constant flow of fresh air and, critically, permitting light directly into the roof cavity during the day.

Roof Ventilation Options:

The roof ventilators, or whirly birds, provided by Newcastle Roofing Professionals are high quality aluminium units manufactured by Bradford, a leader in top quality ventilation and air quality products. This range was selected for it's top level durability and quality, each unit being equipped with replaceable bearings, constructed of high strength aluminium for corrosion resistance and strength, especially in coastal locations, and backed by a 15 year warranty.

Bradford WindmasterTM

The Windmaster is the most commonly suitable ventilator, or whirly bird, for residential installations. It can be installed on all standard roofing surfaces and requires no power source to operate.

This simple and reliable model serves to remove both heat and moisture from the roof cavity, and operates barely above a whisper.

Click here to learn more about the Windmaster Roof Ventilator.

Whirly Bird Installation

Bradford SupaventTM

The Supavent is a compact, high efficiency roof ventilator, or whirly bird, made to extract heat from smaller spaces and to operate at lower wind speeds than the Windmaster model. This roof ventilator is typically more suited to sheds, garages and other smaller spaces.

Rather than the usual aluminium from which roof ventilators are constructed, the Supavent is made from high quality UV stabilized polycarbonate - an extremely strong and impact resistant plastic that does not corrode and is not prone to denting or deformation in hail. As with all other Bradford the Supavent is covered by a 15 year warranty.

Click here to learn more about the Supavent Roof Ventilator.

Roof Vent

Bradford MaestroTM

The Maestro is a powered roof ventilator, or whirly bird, suited for large scale and commercial installations. Unlike most wind-powered roof ventilators, the Maestro is a powered ventilator, able to run on mains power with a miniscule consumption of only 11 watts.

Despite operating barely above a whisper, the Maestro is able to remove 2 - 3 times the volume of hot air possible with a conventional wind-driven extractor. This allows fewer units to be used for a given roof area, or for higher level performance in commercial or industrial contexts where the moisture and heat generation are particular challenges.

Click here to learn more about the Maestro Roof Ventilator.

Roofing Ventilation

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