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Roof Leak Detection and Repair

Warning signs of a leaking roof

Roof leaks, which allow water into the building cavity beneath the roof, are a serious threat to any structure. The results of a water leak entering your roof cavity can include damage to gyprock sheeting, your homes structure, electrical components and other parts of your home, as well as blossoming mould and rising damp making life extremely uncomfortable and potentially unhealthy for residents. For these reasons we recommend that if there is any lapse in the ability of your roof to keep your home warm and dry, don't hesitate to contact Newcastle Roofing Professionals for a roof and gutter assessment, leak detection and any required emergency roof leak repairs.

Leaking Roof

Signs of a potential roof leak include:

  • Dark spots on the ceiling - caused by water pooling or collecting on the opposite side of the surface, the formation of dark spots is a definite sign of a leaking roof.

  • Softened or bloated fixtures and wooden surfaces - caused by water permeating absorbent materials, resulting in them swelling and eventually rotting.

  • Unpleasant odours - introduced into the building by the presence of mould, fungal spores and rotting material.

  • Water collecting on floors, running down walls and intruding into the building interior - caused by major leaks, water incursion presents a threat to the surfaces and materials of the interior of the home, presents a direct hazard to the residents, and is a major electrical danger.

  • Failing insulation - saturated insulation simply doesn't insulate. Due to the nature of most insulation materials they are easily able to become waterlogged when installed beneath a leaking roof, resulting in their failure to maintain the temperature of your home, as well as encouraging the growth of mould and fungus, storing moisture for the long term in your roof cavity and exposing the interior of your structure to unnecessary strain on accout of their waterlogged weight.

  • Shorts / Electrical faults - the result of leaking water in the roof cavity or walls short circuiting the wiring and electrical components of the house. This can result in blackouts, blown fuses, fire, damage to appliances, light fittings and devices as well as the home electrical system, and represents a significant risk of injury to residents.

Emergency Call-Out Assessment Service

Due to the discomfort and inconvenience caused by a leaking roof, as well as the possibility of the structure underneath suffering further water damage, we treat roof leaks with the utmost of urgency. We offer a same day call out service to assess your leaking roof, and in the circumstance of a roof leaking too badly to protect the structure beneath we are able to prioritize your repairs to beat the next downpour.

A leaking roof can cause damage to your ceiling gyprock/plaster, insulation, electrical, lighting and air conditioning units if not repaired quickly, so it is recommended that you treat leaks as a priority.

"We have no leaks in the roof any more. Your repair work last week did the job. We have had very heavy rain and no signs of any leaks. Thank you so much, we appreciate it. Thank you so much for your professionalism in your work and your very respectful and carying attitude that you have shown us.

Thank you kindly once again."

- Steve and Beth A., Maryland

"Very prompt and did the job. I would recommend them."

- Kel C., Kanwal

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