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Roof plumbing, including gutters, valley fixtures, downpipes and spouting are arguably the most important component of any roof, as they ensure rainfall is properly channeled over the edge in a way that neither harms the structure nor its surroundings. Newcastle Roofing Professionals are proud to be roof plumbing experts, able to supply and arrange installation of gutters and roof plumbing fixtures manufactured from high quality Australian ACE Steel. This iconic material is very long lasting, consistently coloured and looks exceptional installed on any roof. With a range of over 25 colours available, as well as subtle low gloss, striking high gloss or even plain steel options we're totally confident that we can match your property colour scheme exactly, or even make it look better than ever.

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High Front Quad Gutter

Quad is a traditional High Front Quadrant Gutter used on colonial style houses, and is very popular on new home construction. It is a slotted gutter with overflow holes and a 115mm diameter. This is possibly the most common gutter profile in Australia, as it represents an excellent balance of value, near universal compatibility with different roof and fascia designs and the ability to handle heavy rainfall and debris without suffering damage or clogging.

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Low Front Quad Gutter

Low Front Style Quad has a lower front than the modern Quad and no overflow holes. Ordinarily the modern equivalent would be chosen for new installations, but many properties have Low Front Quad installed and we are happy to confirm that it is available to match for repairs to ensure that the gutter profiles of your entire property match after any repairs.

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Nu-Line Gutter

Nu-Line gutter combines the gutter and fascia all in one. This gutter is designed for direct installation to roof rafters, without the use of timber fascia, resulting in a clean modern profile. These gutters are also sometimes known as fascia gutter or eaves gutter.

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Mini-Line Gutter

Mini-Line gutter is a smaller version of Nu-Line Gutter. It has a similar front profile with a flat back to fit flush to the fascia using concealed or external brackets. Mini-line rainwater capacity is approximately 20% more than 115mm Quad Gutter and with overflows designed in the front, Mini-Line is ideal for heavy rainfall areas.

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Fascia Gutter

Fascia Gutter is a square front gutter that is slotted and is able to be folded around corners, eliminating any need to use external gutter brackets during installation, resulting in a very clean, uninterrupted appearance. This particular gutter profile is ideal for garages and carports with overflow holes designed in the front.

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Half Round Gutter

Half Round is a European style gutter with a semicircular design that is supported by external brackets. With a diameter of 150mm it has a greater water capacity and flow rate than conventional gutters, allowing debris and silt to be cleared that would remain to clog other gutter profiles. Properties prone to blocked or impeded gutters can benefit greatly through the installation of both Half Round Gutter and Gutter Guard, reducing the time spent cleaning and maintaining the gutters.


Half Round Flatback Gutter

Half Round Flatback line is a cylindrically designed gutter with a flat back and no external brackets. Similar to Half Round Gutter, Half Round Flatback Gutter is a European designed profile of 150mm diameter, and will flush itself clear of debris able to block other gutter profiles under most circumstances.

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Steel Fascia Cover

Steel Fascia is commonly used on new houses instead of timber fascia board. The advantage of Steel Fascia is that it requires minimal maintenance, no painting and is more economical than timber fascia. Fascia Cover is designed to go over your existing fascia boards. The advantage of this system is that it can cover faded and rotting fascia and eliminate the need to maintain and paint your fascia boards. Fascia Cover also exhibits the same profile as Steel Fascia thus it can be used to cover the existing timber boards to match up to an extension or new top story addition where steel fascia has been used. Barge Soaker is used as a clever and attractive way to flash and weatherproof gables.

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