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Roof Restoration Services

What Can a Roof Restoration Do For My Home?

A Roof Restoration is a complete, all-encompassing process designed to revitalize a roof surface, returning the vibrant colour and lustre of a brand new roof surface by pressure cleaning, re-painting the roof, and sealing the surface against moisture. In the course of the roof restoration process Newcastle Roofing Professionals will also ensure that your roof handles rainfall and inclement weather just like when it was brand new, by systematically repairing every inch of the roof surface by re-pointing and re-bedding ridge caps, replacing damaged tiles, re-sealing the entire roof surface and completing any roof repairs the surface requires.

A typical roof is in need of a roof restoration when it gets into its teen years, mainly in the area of re-bedding and re-pointing because of movement as the house settles into its foundations and moves with the seasons. While the structure and foundation is settling down it is common for the first roof restoration to take place as early as five years depending on the area. A good way to see if your roof is in need of restoration is to look for any cracked, broken or chipped tiles and if the ridge cap mortar (ridge pointing) is cracked or even beginning to fall out. You should also look at whether your roof tiles are fading or have any moss and lichen on them as this is a sign that they have lost their protective sealant, which allows them to absorb excessive weight during rainfall, potentially resulting in sagging rafters and roof battens.

Roof restoration is available throughout the Newcastle Roofing Professionals service area - we are able to visit you in Newcastle, Maitland, the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie, or any surrounding regions to assess your roof and its requirements, and to complete the roof restoration itself.

A complete roof restoration will bring the lustre and quality of your roof back after constant exposure to the elements. Our professional approach ensures that your roof will look better than the day it was first built! Licensed and insured roofers approach your roof restoration with utmost care.

The Roof Restoration Process

From start to finish Newcastle Roofing Professionals will ensure that your roof restoration is completely hassle free with minimal disruption to your home (approximately 2-4 days).

The restoration process consists of:

  • Step 1: Replacement of all broken and damaged roof tiles.
  • Step 2: High pressure cleaning of all dirt, moss, lichen and contaminants from the roof surface, and the flushing of all gutters and downpipes.
  • Step 3: All ridge caps will be completely re-pointed using flexible pointing (Click here to learn more about Flexi Point.), and where necessary ridge caps in need will be re-bedded. Completion of these roof repairs is a key feature of all roof restorations by Newcastle Roofing Professionals.
  • Step 4: Roof tiles will be resealed by applying an acrylic primer to protect against moisture.
  • Step 5: Roof tiles will be re-coloured by applying two (or three, as needed) coats of coloured roof sealants in the colour of your choice.
  • Step 6: The entire project is cleaned up, with attention to detail.
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Roof Sealing and Roof Painting

While available as part of roof restoration services, Newcastle Roofing Professionals also provide stand-alone roof sealing and roof painting services for metal and tile roofs.

Roof sealing and roof painting are particularly popular services throughout Newcastle and the Central Coast, in particular where properties are exposed to ocean spray and harsh conditions. Appropriately applied roof sealants and paints help to seal the surface against high rainfall, as well as to aid in the protection of metal roofing surfaces such as Colorbond, and associated fixtures, from rust brought about by sea salt exposure and inclement weather. A properly sealed tile roof, particularly if it is carefully pressure cleaned beforehand, is also very difficult for moss and lichen to take root on, helping to keep your roof looking its best.

Roof painting services
Roof restoration services

High Pressure Roof Cleaning

Much like our roof sealing and painting services, high pressure cleaning of your roof is included in a roof restoration, but is also available as a stand-alone service for all tile and metal roofs.

An extremely powerful water jet is used to remove all bonded lichen, moss, flaking old paint and other material attached to the roof, as well as to clear the gutters, valleys and all fixtures of dirt and detritus.

As our roofing tradespeople are equipped to make light work of what would ordinarily be a very difficult cleaning task, this is a popular annual maintenance option for many peoples homes, especially in highly developed areas verging bushland or coastal fringe regions such as Gosford, Wyong, Lake Macquarie, and Newcastle where salt, exposure to the weather, vegetation and pest incursion can all combine to leave a roof looking very dirty in very little time.

Local Roof Restoration

Industrial Roof Coatings - We Only Use The Best!

The Industrial Roof Coatings range of roof sealants are backed by an industry leading 20 year warranty and have earned the trust of both roofers and homeowners Australia wide, thanks to their beautiful finish and extraordinary lifespan.

While we could ask you to take our word on it, what we'd really like to do is share some of what Australia's independent roofers have to say about the quality of the Industrial Roof Coatings range.

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Available in a broad range of 24 shades, Roof Protect roof coatings are the perfect match to protect your home and to keep it beautiful for years to come.

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While Roof Protect is the premium option among the roof sealants and coatings developed by Industrial Roof Coatings, there are many other products available to suit the complex needs of home owners.

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Newcastle Roofing Professionals are proud certified Accredited Applicators of Industrial Roof Coatings products

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